At the core of our Predictive Dialer is The Campaign Manager. Many of the key features like notes, Appointments and client data gathered during a campaign are tied into The Campaign Manager.

The Settings page allows one to control how this program runs in many ways. Many of which are new to Predictive Dialers and make this Predictive Dialer more user friendly and customizable than all of its competitors.

During a Campaign this program allows the operator to collect valuable information on a client. This information is stored by the Campaign Manager and is used by the Analytics section to build charts. A few of the other useful features include call recording, lead opt-in / opt-out , email ,create appointments, control sound and much more.

The Campaign Manager allows one to import leads through various data types, and manipulate these leads to optimize runtime performance. The Campaign Manager comes with duplicate removal and various scrubbing techniques to keep your lists clean and effective.

This program slows down and speeds up depending on many factors during a campaign to make sure every campaign is runs smooth and to make sure that valuable leads are not put to waste.

Much of the information gathered during a campaign is collected and stored along side the leads in the Campaign Manager. One can navigate to the Analytics section to view their campaigns performance thats plotted on charts. You can also print off these charts for further analysis.